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Mr. Mahesh’s Residence

Mr. Mahesh’s residence was a medium budget architectural cum interior design project at Wardha. (In association with Mudesign)

View of the house

Main door view

The interior was to be executed on a medium budget, and since the size of the property huge, that posed a serious problem for us.

However, with liberal use of natural stones such as kadappa and shahbad which are cheaper than marbles and granites, the interior designing could be fitted within budget easily. The living area has wooden flooring to create coziness in a huge space.The house has a cottage feel to it, with wire cut bricks left exposed in places. One side of the house is a huge plate glass window which has a vertical steel cage like grill for protection.

Interior view without furniture

Shadow effect with grills

The walls have been finished in stone and with dabba plaster besides the wire cut exposed brick work.

The bathrooms have similarly been clad with natural stones.

View of living area

Another angle of the living room


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