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O2 Spa

O2 spa, a luxurious spa cum wellness center at Asoka Mall, Pune. (In association with Mudesign)

Te theme is Thai plus zen decor.

Reception area (view from entrance)


waiting area


Reception cum waiting area


View of therapy area from reception


Partition design


relaxation area


water body




Relaxation zone


Feature in water body. (water fountain)


Therapy room


Therapy room

Steam cum shower area


foot spa area


Foot spa







10 comments on “O2 Spa

  1. deepak
    August 8, 2012


  2. aphoenixwrites
    September 6, 2012

    A really serene ambience you’ve created =) Love the warm colours.

    • ladsketchaholic
      October 10, 2012

      Thank you.:) it’s my style of designing. After all, every space needs to emit a certain serenity.

  3. Priti
    September 15, 2012

    Simply beautiful interior…after seeing this interior I don’t really need a Spa…coz its so relaxing indeed!

  4. emperornayan
    September 28, 2012

    Superlike 🙂

  5. Vineet Verma (@vineetverma)
    November 28, 2012

    Great work! Truly Thai & Buddhist ambience… Very similar to the ones I myself experienced at Taiwan.

    • ladsketchaholic
      December 8, 2012

      Thanks Vineet. It’s all about adding the features and lighting and colours:)

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